About Polymath Systems

Polymath Systems is the organizational structure for the investigations and activities, in a number of fields of study, of Kevin Langdon and associates.

As a boy I had a sense that there was something important to be found. As an adolescent, I searched for signs of what I was looking for, though I couldn't say exactly what it was. For a few years I investigated various approaches to the big questions in the hope of finding a direct line corresponding to the flashes of insight I'd had. And eventually I did at least find the direction I was looking for, though I have a long way to go. One aspect of what I've come to is the concrete, personal realization of the need for a broader perspective on the world around me. I realized that instead of taking up some interest and dropping it after a time, it was incumbent on me to keep all my interests alive and related to my larger concerns. One thing complements another and the penetrating power of multiple perspectives is much more than the sum of the parts.

This site is intended as a showcase for our thoughts and products and also as a gateway, for those with certain interests, to a number of useful resources. I've attempted to provide a convenient hub and a way of looking at information on the Web which is conducive to exploratory browsing and research. Some areas of the site are still under construction.

Those who are interested may browse the material on this site, purchase our Products, attend Polymath Systems Events, or become involved in one or more of our projects (see Participation).

Polymath Systems is a business. We don't claim anything else from a legal standpoint. But it is also a great deal more than a business. It is an institution of learning. It is the vehicle for an active community. It is a gateway to a world of ideas and practical information online.


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