Kevin Langdon

Biographical Information


Member Profile published in Vidya, the journal of the Triple Nine Society, #245, June 2007

"Rockdale." In Noesis, the journal of the Mega Society, #176, February 2005

"Terra Linda." In Noesis #177, June 2005

"My Hip Malfunction and What I Know About It"  (May 1986 and "The Rest of the Story (So Far)" (2005)
     In Noesis #178, September 2005

"God." In Noesis, #180, March 2006

In Memoriam, Florence Lenore Carrasco Langdon, 1908-2006, including:
     "My Mother," by Kevin Langdon
     "Eulogy," by Valerie Zukowski
     "The Language of the Poet," by Lenore Langdon
     In Noesis #182, September 2006


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