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Consciousness and Mind

As the shape of the aptly-named-and-becoming-more-so World Wide Web is becoming visible, the shape of human thought and human endeavor is revealed with it, as never before. But what is “the shape of the shape”? According to what principles is this ocean of content to be indexed? Meaningful indexing must be related to the information structure of the indexer. For this reason, the subjects of mind and consciousness are essential to an understanding of the world. Here are a few perspectives on these subjects.





Sources of systematically-articulated models of mind. This list is by no means exhaustive.
Western philosophical approaches have not been included because they're ungrounded and confused; a one-page synopsis of  philosophical phenomenology appears at http://www.connect.net/ron/phenomenology.html .
We are interested in suggestions for additions to this list.

Spiritual Traditions
Not intended as an exhaustive list.



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