Archive of High-IQ-Society Politics


This archive is intended to serve as a rallying point for those who object to authoritarian control in the high-IQ societies. If exceptionally intelligent people can't throw off the yoke of tyranny the world at large has little realistic hope of doing so.

I have many documents in my possession which will be listed here as I am able to catalog them. Not every document is available on the Web; some need typing or formatting, some are neither official records published in the societies' journals nor items for which permission to publish has been granted by the author. However, while I may not publish some of what is included in this archive, it is available for use in a good cause. In particular, there have been many disputes recently involving events years in the past. I am creating a systematic record as a precaution, anticipating that it will probably continue to be necessary to set the record straight from time to time.

For the philosophy of organizational affairs on which my positions on the matters reported on here has been based, see my Intellectual Freedom Manifesto.

If you have documents related to the abuse of power by the officers of any high-IQ society or any kind of communications circulated secretly among officers I would be happy to include them here.

I hope that the existence of this archive will curb some of the worst excesses of those wielding power in the societies. But if it doesn't they'll read about themselves here.


The Triple Nine Society: An Alternative for ISPE Members (1978)

Patrick Hill's Transcript of TNS Executive Committee Correspondence

Kevin Langdon's Triple Nine Society ExCom Memos (individual)

The Trouble with Triples (1987)
Some exhibits are not yet webified.

Members for Democracy in the Triple Nine Society (1987)

The Crisis in the Affairs of the Triple Nine Society and the Founding of the Phoenix Society (1988)

Kevin Langdon's Triple Nine Society ExCom Memos (individual)

Letter to the TNS Psychometrics Committee, July 1992

Letter to the TNS Psychometrics Committee, October 1992

Kevin Langdon's Triple Nine Society ExCom Memos (compilations as Regent)
Not all the included memos have been webified.

Kevin Langdon's Triple Nine Society Regent's Reports

"The Kormes Case and Its Aftermath," by Paul Maxim (1996)

"How Intelligent Is ISPE?" by Paul Maxim (1996)

Triple Nine Society Psychometrics Committee Newsletter, August 1996

Triple Nine Society Psychometrics Committee Newsletter, October 1996

Letter to the TNS Psychometrics Committee, April 1997

No Deal, Paul [Maxim] (1997)

Correspondence of the Preliminary, Unofficial Prometheus Psychometrics E-mail List (1998)

Correspondence of the Official Prometheus Membership Committee (1998)
    I have only the correspondence up to the time that Fred Vaughan kicked me off the Committee.

Prometheus Society 1998-99 Membership Committee Report (on Darryl Miyaguchi's site)

Response to the Prometheus Membership Committee Report (1999)

Petty Dictators (1999)

The Wit and Wisdom of Chris Langan (Part One) (2000)

Don Johnson's Articles Censored from the Prometheus Society's Gift of Fire with Supporting Evidence (2000)

Mensa History and Politics (Sander Rubin, 2000) <>

American Mensa Hearing Resulting in the Explusion of Alan J. Truelove


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