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About Prometheus

The Prometheus Society was founded by Ronald K. Hoeflin in 1982. It selects members at the 1-in-30,000 level of rarity, using intelligence tests with high ceilings. Ron explained that the name of the society refers to the Prometheus Society's "stealing" the cutoff level of the dormant Four Sigma Society.

The society publishes the journal Gift of Fire, which contains many interesting and thought-provoking articles. There is an active e-mail list for members and GoF subscribers.

For information on the scores the Prometheus Society accepts on a variety of tests, see "The High-IQ Societies and the Tests They Accept for Admission Purposes, Part 2." .

For more information on Prometheus, contact the Membership Officer, Alfred Simpson, [email protected] .


Prometheus Officers

Steven Schuessler
Fred Britton
Jeff Plew


Fred Vaughan

Membership Officer

Alfred Simpson

Internet Officer

Karyn Huntting



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