Polymath Systems

Polymath Systems provides personnel possessing extremely high cognitive ability and skills in many specialties.

Kevin Langdon, the President of Polymath Systems, is a member of the Four Sigma, Prometheus, and Mega societies and the author of several high-range IQ tests. All our associates are selected for very high levels of brain power.

Many tasks can be handled well by specialists but some problems require very high levels of abstract reasoning ability. This is our specialty.

Some of the areas in which  we have particular experience are:

We are able to be of assistance with interdisciplinary problems and those of extreme complexity and difficulty. Your application may be something that we've never heard of and we still may be able to help you sort out the fundamentals.

Take a look around our site to get an idea of some of our projects and the work produced by our associates.

Resumes and specialty areas of Polymath Systems associates:

Write to us at P.O. Box 795, Berkeley, CA 94701 or [email protected] or call us at (510) 524-0345.


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